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Reynards Phenomenon

I have Reynards Phenomenon. You are usually born with this condition and something will trigger it off as per usual with multiple conditions.

I am lucky that I can still function with only minor effects.

This condition is caused by narrowing of the veins which supply your body with blood. My cheeks, hands and feet are affected. When the weather is cold….(cold to me) then my extremities will lose colour. My fingers begin to turn white, then a pale grey/blue colour. This is followed by lack of feeling or a tingley feeling in my hands. Even though it is now April and it’s becoming warmer, even today whilst out, half of my fingers had changed colour and were icy to touch. My cheeks turn red like a beetroot and my ears begin to tingle.

When I come inside, everywhere affected by Reynards begin to feel like they are burning. A hot tingle shoots through my body. After a while of being inside, the blood rushes back into my extremities causing them to turn red before returning to its usual colour. When I have a Reynards ‘attack’ my hands become slightly swollen, they feel like big sausages and gripping or holding things become hard.

I remember  in school after PE, I had to ask my friend to do up my blouse because I couldn’t grip or feel the buttons.

For the first time in my life, Winter 2016 and early 2017, I had my first chilblain!  It was on my finger, it swelled up and it hurt when I had a Reynards ‘attack’. As the months went on, I appeared to have another one on the same finger and it grew into one big one. Obviously didn’t want to leave one all on its own! Thankfully, now it’s slightly warmer, both chilblains have gone down but it’s still red and slightly raised. When I put pressure on it, it still hurts. I’m unsure if it’ll ever return to normal size…. any ideas?!

The doctor prescribed me Nifedipine and this is to be taken 3 times day. They are calcium channel blockers. They basically enlarge the veins within my body to reduce the chance of a ‘attack’.

Some people do buy special clothing which can help prevent ‘attacks’ you can find them here.

Do you have this condition too, what’s your experience?