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Equine Strangle

Equine Strangles is an extremely infectious disease and is caused by bacteria.

To prevent this, all horses should be vaccinated. If the correct preventative procedures are carried out then the horse will be at a lesser risk of contracting diseases in general, not only strangles. It is also recommended that when acquiring a new horse, that it should be quarantined for at least 2 weeks in its own field away from others. This is so if it does have any illnesses then they will become visible before introduction to the new yard and horses already living there.

Typical symptoms of this disease include visable abscess which may burst, nasal secretion and they may find it difficult to breathe.

If an owner has suspicion that a horse has strangles then an equine specialist should be contacted. The vet will ensure the correct knowledge and medication has been given. This is so the owner knows how to prevent it in the future as well as how to administrate the medication to enable a good recovery.

If a horse is diagnosed with this disease, then the vet would usually prescribe a type of penicillin and advised how to keep the abscess clean so they don’t become infected.

After a successful recovery and the horse is back to its normal cheeky self, before introducing the horse back to its home then a deep clean must take place. That includes all rugs, buckets, troughs, rubber matting and field shelters and anything else which the horse has had contact with to ensure strangles has been completely removed from the area.

With veterinary treatment, most horses make a full recovery but secondary infections and complications are possible. If strangles is treated as soon as it is spotted, then the horse won’t be put in unnecessary pain. This will be abiding by the Five Freedoms.

It is always cheaper to prevent an illness, than to treat one.

Have you personally had to deal with Strangles in your yard? Please leave a comment on your experience and help educate others.

Written by Youngcurlyt