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EU Citizens to Stay in the UK

Do you agree or disagree that EU Citizens should remain in the UK? Well I agree. #Righttostay

You know when you go to the hospital, to A&E for example, you sit and wait. Before you can be treated you see a nurse to be assessed, then you see a doctor, maybe¬†get sent to the X-Ray department or you are told you need an operation etc. Well some of those doctors and nurses aren’t British. They are fully trained professionals from abroad. EU Citizens are a huge part of our healthcare department and without those people things wouldn’t run smoothly.

So what if people are born elsewhere; they’re still human, still work just as hard as British people if not harder, they have friends, families, jobs and hobbies. They have a life here. People are equal.

The United Kingdom leaving the European Union is causing uncertainty, suffering and stress. Would you like to be told, oh well we aren’t sure whether you can continue your happy life here?! You may have to go back to where you were born and start from scratch all over again. To return for some people, to the poverty and bad conditions of living…… No? Well that’s what some people are having to face.

Did you know that to become a British Citizen via Naturalisation, you usually have to of lived here for 5 years? There are multiple ways but this is the most common way. For more information of this matter, please check out: https://www.gov.uk/becoming-a-british-citizen/check-if-you-can-apply

Whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, somebody from the European Union has helped you. Treated you, taught you, served you, befriended you.

Citizens have a #Righttostay

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Written by Youngcurlyt