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Canine Intestinal Parvovirus

Parvovirus is a serious and highly contagious disease. It affects domestic and wild animals but also your beloved pet dog. Parvo’ was detected in the 1970’s and it is a viral infection.

This disease has a high mortality rate, it can be spread through infected animals’ urine, vomit and feaces. It hasn’t yet been confirmed how long parvovirus can survive on the ground but even if the rain has washed the produce away, the disease will still be there. It is very important to inoculate dogs against this during the routine vaccines.

If there is suspicion a dog has contracted it, then it must be isolated to reduce risk of transmission to healthy dogs. Common indicators include lack of appetite, diarrhea with blood traces, a high temperature and being physically sick.

The veterinary surgery should be phoned and warned before turning up so they can be prepared.
Once at the vets, the staff will wear disposable gloves, overalls and shoes. These will be placed into special orange bags then placed into a autoclave to sterilize them. The dog will be given fluids to reduce dehydration and be closely observed for improvement or secondary infections. There is no medical cure for parvovirus but the animals will be fully supported whilst trying to fight this disease off. If successful, positive developments are usually seen within 2-4 days. It will take a few weeks for the dog to revert to its usual self.

Before the dog returns home, all towels, bedding, bowls, toys and brushes are appropriately cleaned to ensure parvo has been abolished. It can also live as particles on floors and surfaces within the home so a full clean is advised.

For more information about this subject, check out PetMD or Princes Animal Hospital. 

Written by Youngcurlyt